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Why Does Radio Still Rock?

March 1, 2018


Yes, I’ve stolen the terrible pun/reference from The Boat That Rocked but I feel it's true, radio still rocks.


Starting from influential pioneers at the original pirate radio stations, DJ's wanted to show people that there was more to music than just a small genre or two. These DJ's thrived on broadcasting unheard songs and creating new trends within music to present the public with a whole new world of pop, rock and jazz, which, without the streaming capabilities of today people had no ability to listen to. This was a time where your new music taste was completely in the hands of radio.


Pirate radio stations were a rebel platform to hear music that wasn't considered "acceptable"? Immediately the attention of the younger generation was captured and the industry as we know it today was carved. Without these people, Radio would not be what it is today.  


Fast forward to the present and what we have now is a thriving community of DJs on a massive range of stations bringing you updates and live coverage from every music outlet in the world! We have DJ's competing to gain our viewership by broadcasting Top 40 National Charts which rank through streaming as well as sales making us feel so much more involved, Live Music Festival coverage bringing the atmosphere of a festival straight to our ears, Award Ceremonies and even serious issues within the industry such as mental health awareness. and I can say without a doubt listening in on these experiences live, perceived through your favourite host offers something an Itunes or Spotify Playlist fails to achieve.


With a huge list of radio presenters to tune in, chill out and be inspired by we rely on these entertainers to provide us with a collection of timeless classics and fresh music content every day.


From Annie Mac on Radio 1 bringing us a collection of what she believes to be the hottest electronic dance music to date.

To Zane Lowe now on Apple Music’s Beats 1 curating a diverse contrast of his favourite new music in the industry with in-depth interviews giving us a sense of intimacy with the artists. 


The power of a DJ on the radio can bring you this insight into someone's personal music collection by showing you their favourite track right now that you love or playing you a song they stumbled across on a SoundCloud playlist last night that has next to no views but sounds amazing!


The Music Industry is growing day by day with more genres, artists and opportunities out there than ever before. We are surrounded by music every day, it brings us together on so many levels and yet we still push to see how we can make music better. Radio gives us the ability to hear brand new tracks and the sounds that are influencing other artists. It helps the passive listener make the struggling drive to work every morning. It enables the dedicated same show everyday listener to keep up to date and in the know with their music friends, and it enables the musical pioneer to understand how the industry is being perceived by the public.


So why do we do all this, why do we stay that extra three minutes in the car when you've parked to listen to that same song for the tenth time that day? Why do we listen to the catch ups on our phone while working out or taking the dog for a walk? Why do we get caught singing at the top of our lungs acting out the moves to a song while stuck at the traffic lights only to be seen by a guy in a white van driving the opposite way who looked at you like you were nuts. Then you sulk for the rest of the drive home because you just HAD to sing to Britney Spears’ ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ and I swear it most definitely was not me... 


OK fine, it was. But who can resist singing along to Hit Me Baby One More Time?... Again, just me? 


So seriously why do we do all this? 


Because we love music and we love to be able to hear it wherever we are and whatever we are doing. We love to be able to have that human connection where we can giggle along with something funny a presenter has said or feel closer to an artist you're inspired by. Yes, we may have our phones to stream music at a push of a button, But radio has a direct sense of a connection with the music. you can be listening to beats 1 with an Apple Music subscription, hear a song you like and not just know the name but tap your screen to have it instantly added to your personal music library and downloaded to your phone! if we reflect back to when Pirate Radio was something we had to fight to hear or catch a glimpse of this seems almost a completely different world. but if it wasn't for the pioneers in the beginning radio would never have evolved the way it has today.  


Radio has evolved with us, Providing music to last a lifetime and bring us what we love. Old and new perceived through the musical taste of another human being.


And so, to paraphrase the words of Queen, "stick around radio coz we might miss you"!



- talk soon Skylar jay xox

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