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Blue River "Life Imitating Art" Album Review

May 15, 2018

Reviewing an album you're releasing is not common practice, but listening to this album is what made us at CPR Records offer Blue River our full support and we would love to share why.


Blue River... To be honest, this was a name I had seen around local feeds on Twitter and on gig line-ups in Cornwall for a while now but I had never crossed their path or heard their music until Friday the 27th of April. I was checking my emails, listening to tracks we had been sent that week and deciding which releases we would like to support.

So I open an email from Blue River, recognised the band name straight away and knew they were local which could be something beneficial for us to support. Anyway, upon opening the Album I started to listen... Track one. “Elegance” At this point, I'm just listening on my phone and the song kicks in. Instantly I pause the track, go to my office put some headphones on and click play again knowing this was going to be something great just from the start of the first track.


13 tracks later and I feel like I'm in the heat of summer, wearing my shades having just witnessed a great set at a festival, it reminds me of being at Boardmasters on a sunny weekend in August. Each song has its own feel from “How Do You Sleep at Night” with its gritty and powerful guitar instantly grabbing your attention and drawn-out vocals holding the track together, to “Friday Night Love Fight” with its stripped back acoustic guitar and creatively layered vocals giving off a stronger indie pop vibe of a similar tone to the band “Foster The People”. 


After listening to the album a second time it has a sense of familiarity about it, you can pick up the groove in the first few seconds and this is what this album is all about. Immediately you want to get up and dance with confidence, be around your friends and just have a good time. I grew up a big indie fan and it brings me back to so much of the music I would listen to. You can hear some great artist's influence's in their tracks from Arctic Monkeys, The Wombats and Foster The People, to Ash, Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis, but at the same time, it sounds like none of them. Blue River has done such a great job at letting their favourite artists inspire them musically. They have brought their own style and sound to the table and isn't that what music is all about? 

Being inspired to create from other musicians. Hearing what you love and recreating it in your own way. Learning from those who crafted your musical taste. 


With summer on the horizon, Blue River could not have picked a better time to release this album. They are constantly gigging around Cornwall and London and the name is starting to stand out from the crowd, they are breaking through the Indie scene in Cornwall and I would highly recommend seeing these guys live as their sense of instrumental musicianship on stage matches the incredible warmth and joy this album will fill you with.


Release date: 28th May 2018 on CPR Records


Check out Blue River -

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