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Straight Outta Cornwall Top 5 August

August 17, 2018

The top 5 tracks from our Straight Outta Cornwall Spotify playlist. Full Playlist Available HERE 


With Cornwall becoming the home to some great acts over the past few years, signed and unsigned, we have put together a list our top 5 favourite tracks that have really inspired us here at CPR Records. The Cornish music scene is rich friendly community of focused and heavily driven musicians who are influenced by their surroundings and the individuality cornwall brings out in people. so have a listen to some great creative peices to come out of cornwall in recent years. Enjoy.





5. Waxx - Why Do I Do It

After seeing this Cornish band twice its safe to say the two-piece duo have brilliant chemistry and repour when on stage making their performances even more engaging and enjoyable to watch. Their debut album has just been released bringing us the song Why Do I Do It, a song that perfectly sums up their indie grunge style and captures their energy creating a perfect hard hitting rock track that contains exactly what it says on the tin. Power and Hooks.​



4. Ennor - Farewell To Atlantis

Folk-Rock Band Ennor is full of feeling and inspiration I listen to this track and just feel great! the composition of all the musicians on this track has been crafted so well from detailed powerful drums to elegant soft acoustic and electric guitarmanship. The instantly catchy vocals drive this track with such power and movement you find yourself submerged in a Pop Folk trance that takes you straight into the room with Ennor really feeling apart of the music. what a great song!



3. Blue River - We Fall In Love

Blue River Launched Life Imitating Art earlier this year and "We Fall In Love" was our favourite to come off the album, with this amazing summer feel you're brought straight to the beach whilst you listen to this track. Catchy Indie guitars, Tight powerful drums and straight up strong vocals this track will fulfil all your Indie Pop needs with one great summer song providing you with nostalgia in years to come.



2. Milo Gore - State

Milo Gore are a Five piece band who come across as the best of friends, and this portrays into their music writing. With the instant good feeling this song brings to me i hear a perfect blend of Indie and Folk music. The colaboration of vocals are so pleasing to the ear with an acoustic folk feel yet the drive of the guitar and drums are just enough to keep you on your feet showcasing that indie feel. 



1. Rue - Blinkers

You may have seen Rue supporting James Arthur earlier this summer at Band in the Sands. The 23-year-old from east Cornwall brings us vibrant music with a unique voice. She takes influences of jazz, soul, pop and RnB to bring us her new EP Blinkers. The Song also titled Blinkers is a chilled yet upbeat track that is filled with heartfelt soul and a flourish of jazz that fits her voice so brilliantly. The intricate composition is the perfect balance between technical musicianship and a smooth relaxing feel that makes it the such a great original piece to have come out of Cornwall. A real showcase of professional musicians.​



Listen to the full Playlist HERE


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