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CPR Records & Blue River! Whats Happening?

May 1, 2018

So some of you may have seen our posts on social media this week in which we have been talking about a Cornish band named "Blue River" well here's what's going on. 


As a record label we receive multiple emails a week with links to songs, projects in progress and as normal I opened up an email that contained private links to a full album by a Cornish band, Intrigued I immediately opened the links and started to listen...


An hour or so later and I have listened to the whole album from start to finish without skipping through a single track! I grab the phone and ring some of my team members and tell them they have to check these guys out.


After some discussions we got in contact with Blue River and set out a proposal on how we could work together with the release of this great album, the band responded swiftly with a positive response and we are now very proud to be apart of this album launch on the 28/05/18. So expect to see some their tracks passing through our channel and we will be launching a full album review going into detail about why we love it so much! 


Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait to see what's in store from Blue River with this album as we want you to be able to listen to the tracks after reading our review! so come back on the 28th of may, check out our review and have a listen to some great new music!


In the meantime check out Blue River here:



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