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NothingAboutME - Inertia EP Review

July 13, 2018

Mysterious, Emotional and incredibly creative are thoughts flying around my head within the first 30 seconds of the opening track 'BLUEBELL'. Immediately the low end of this track is mesmerizing with its deep pulse like feel and warping presence moving to and from the listener's ear. The chords that flow in and out for a short time fit perfectly and sit so well in the mix that you almost don't notice them make an entrance until they leave and are replaced by this elusive guitar swaying underneath the vocals. 

Pleasing tones lay over the instrumentation with some sort of looseness about them, bouncing around this incredible space that has been created by the Intricate sound design. Everything is then brought into perspective as the chorus brings the composition together in one swift transition, feeling like the last piece of the puzzle has fitted into place with the vocals almost becoming a part of the instrumentation.


'SUMMER'S RAIN', My favourite track on the E.P maybe because it reminds me of a forest I used to go to when I was in my mid-teens with a group of friends I've now lost touch with, or maybe it's because of the vocals, they reach out and you feel like you are being spoken to. The level of intimacy is such a thought-provoking feeling. I can imagine going for a walk with my headphones in and listening to this track to just escape reality for a bit, really just be in the moment and that is such a powerful feeling to be given through music. I really think this track could be a milestone of nostalgia for people who connect with it in the future. My thought process has come heavily from the vocals in this song but by no means is this because of the rest of the track being held back. I feel the vocals are a strong point in this track and the instrumentation has done a perfect job to enhance that by not overcrowding the space. There are moments in the track where you get a brief silence, you hear the tail of noise settling in the distance and are given a second to just process what your hearing. 

That's why I love this song, even a brief pause is apart of how you receive this composition sonically.


'INERTIA' This is the first song on the E.P I can really feel a sense of build. From the start, you can hear the music building it's way up to something and you can't wait for it to happen. That oddly satisfying synthesized pluck is addictive and keeps your interest focused whilst the track climbs to a pace maintained by the incredibly smooth flowing 'breakbeat' like drums that have a much greater focused energy than what we have heard up to this point. I don't think you would sing along to 'INERTIA' but only because the vocals and instruments compliment each other so well you would fear you'd ruin it. 

With its pace, focused builds and uplifting feel 'INERTIA' provides a great variation of listening for the E.P without venturing too far away from the subject at hand underlying the composition.


'THAT'S FOR YOU' The Final Track on this E.P. Again I feel this track right from hitting play those chords are perfect, you feel the atmosphere submerge you instantly and are immediately overwhelmed with a sense of curiosity. The choice of sounds used to create such an atmospheric movement have been pieced together with such thought and precision you can really hear the vocals separate themselves from the rest of the instruments without being overwhelmed by the pristine organised chaos lying underneath. 'THAT'S FOR YOU' has a strong intentional detune element to it which I feel may be a bit uneasy for some listeners to receive but for me I like the uncertainty it proposes, as this E.P has already brought us through a powerful movement of feelings that the slightly out tuning is what was needed to craft the emotions this track has to offer. It feels like a dream state that you're falling into deeper and deeper until your instantly brought back by the verse that you were unaware you ever wandered away from, due to such a gradual well-constructed build.


'INERTIA' as an E.P feels like an interpretation of thoughts being processed in such an amazing space, with each song crafted with such individuality, yet all the tracks on this E.P have a connection, fitting on the same wavelength and relating so perfectly. These are not just stand-alone tracks thrown onto an E.P ready to launch, the whole E.P is connected on such an intricate level. So much time and thought have gone into blending the structure, the instruments and the vocals together that each song feels as though there was no other way it could have been produced.


'INERTIA' is a creation of power and uncertainty, a blend of focus and confusion and the heartfelt emotions perceived through the vocals and the instrumentation provide such a powerful journey that you really think about the connection all the elements have within this atmospheric, sonically pleasing, emotionally driven Soundscape that is the 'INERTIA' E.P.


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