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T.A.Y.N Debut Single 'Living My Life' Review (Hard Rock)

July 21, 2018

I have to say as soon as I started listening to this track I was immediately drawn in. 

With huge powerful toms coming out of the drums that you can really feel and a rough but chunky guitar Riff giving you a feel for the energy that’s to come, honestly just put me in any venue with the start of this song and I'd be racing for the Pits with just the intro!

The main body of this intro is then met with a bass guitar which fills the space nicely whilst leading up to the first verse, and this is where it all starts! Prepare yourselves for some strong language and even stronger vocals given by the lead singer Lucian! The verse is filled with catchy lyrics and heavy palm muted guitar which then transcends halfway through opening up with the guitar and bass to prepare the listener for the main hook of this song... 

Here comes the chorus!

I thought the chorus played out very well. And by that I mean it gave off a very chilled but still heavy vibe to give the audience a break from the intro and verse riffs. And as a songwriter myself, I think of this as a very good tactic, it allows the song to build back to the same point of heaviness as from before, but also keeps the audience interested and keen for the next part of the song. The vocals given in this chorus really make the band what they are. With backing vocals by Tats on the drums and Denn on Main Guitar, this really gives some nice layers and body to the chorus.


This song’s structure is down to a ‘T', And all transitions from the intro to the verse and chorus, then back again are smooth and kept the great hard rock feel all the way.

My favourite part of this song is most definitely the awesome guitar solo Given by guitarist Denn at 2:52. A well-played and well-practised solo will turn heads at any show going, and this is one of them! The solo then continues to ring out and the band give a final chorus you can really feel before ending the track. 

In all honesty, I have listened to this song over and over and it still gives me a great feeling to press the play button. With great production and songwriting comes 'Living my life' by T.A.Y.N


T.A.Y.N gives off a really unique vibe to the Heavy Rock industry and I look forward to hearing the songs to come in the future. 

So, Make sure you check out this band with the links below and give your support to the local Cornish Heavy Rock band.




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